Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate

There are certain chemicals which are almost omnipresent in some of the most commonly used consumer goods. If you look at the most popular soaps, shampoos, shaving gels and other products which have the tendency to create foam when exposed to water, you will find the presence of sulfates, nine times out of ten. Ammonium lauryl sulfate is a compound which, along with sodium lauryl sulfate is responsible for the creation of foam in these products. But the fact that it is commonly found in products of daily use, does not make it safe for you.

The main reason, why this chemical is used in skin and hair care products, is the fact that it helps water to dissolve the dirt and rinse it away. This is why ammonium lauryl sulfate is called a surfactant. But you should also know that this chemical is used in industrial processes for the same reason as it is used in your bottle of shampoo!

This means that the chemical is harsh and prolonged use of products containing this sulfate can be really harmful for your skin. According to the standard health norms, you are safe if the product you use does not contain this chemical in a concentration greater than 2%. But even then, as numerous people have found out, continuous use of products which contain this sulfate in permissible amounts, can cause irritation and inflammation of your skin.

The question is why would you want to use products containing this substance despite knowing that it is not completely safe for your skin and that the risks associated with it can easily materialize? Well, it may be matter of lack of choice, when it comes to safe products.

Ammonium lauryl sulfate, along with sodium lauryl sulfate, is found in most foam-producing products you find on the shelves of supermarkets. Finding soaps, shampoos and gels without this chemical may be tough task and this may force you to use what is available.

But you should also know that there are some herbal and organic products which can provide you the respite you desire from these potentially harmful chemicals. They contain various natural products and herbal extracts and can give you the results you want without exposing you to any health risks. Of course these products may be a tad expensive, but think about the element of safety that is inherent in them. Does saving a few dollars and ignoring safer products sound wise? Perhaps not; if you are concerned with the well-being of your family. So, try and stay away from ammonium lauryl sulfate for a healthier life.