Organic Shampoo

Do you know that your hair is being damaged every time you use a shampoo with SLS and chemicals? The problem is that, most shampoos you find on supermarket shelves contain harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which damages your scalp, hair and follicles when used regularly.

The manufacturers of these shampoos say that this chemical is indispensable because without it there would be no lather and the shampoo would also lose its cleansing property. But research has shown that these shampoos do more harm than good. So, what do you do? The solution is simple; switch over to organic shampoo!

Nowadays there are a lot of organic shampoos and conditioners in the market. You may be aware of their presence, but have not used them thus far because you lack knowledge about them. So, before anything else you should know that organic shampoos have ingredients which are absolute free from chemicals. Even natural ingredients, in these shampoos are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Therefore, these shampoos score over others when it comes to product safety. After all, what can be safer than a product with no chemicals?

If you detest the idea of products being tested on animals before being sold commercially, you will definitely love organic shampoo. This is because, in order to be certified organic, manufacturers of these shampoos have to ensure that they are they are not tested on animals. So, you can be assured that you are not participating indirectly in inhumane practices.

Organic products are popular because they contain the best of what nature has to offer humans. Shampoos which are organic contain herbs and other natural substances such as essential oils, citric acid, tea tree oil, soy protein, rock salts, chamomile, sage, thyme, rosemary and lavender extracts. You also get the benefits of vitamins such as A, E and B5, which is essential for well nourished hair and scalp. These herbs can also help you fight dandruff, lice and other fungal scalp infections, which are common occurrences due to pollution.

So, why would you not choose an organic shampoo instead of a bottle of chemicals in a guise of shampoo? There are simply no arguments in favor of the cheap but potentially dangerous shampoos you find over these days. Chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate are industrial grade substances and they have no place in your daily life, except for washing the car or the floor. If it’s washing your hair you are concerned about, use organic shampoo and breathe easy!