SLS alternative toothpaste

These days there is no dearth of toothpastes no matter what be the constituents you are looking for or how specific your dental needs are. But then, is there something like a ‘best toothpaste’? To state which among the hordes of toothpastes on offer, qualifies to be the best is a tough task, but yes, there certainly are ones which are really good and some others which you need to stay well away from.

Toxic sulfates like SLS and SLES, with mild carcinogenic contaminations, exist in most toothpaste that you use. You may not be aware of this, but if you have been experiencing frequent mouth ulcers, incessant gum bleeding, deep canker sores, or if you are afflicted with Gingivitis or Periodontitis, it could be your regular sulfate based toothpaste which is the culprit.

But sulfates aren’t the only destructive invaders; fluorides in toothpaste are equally harmful deterrents to your gums and teeth. Fluorides are more poisonous than lead, and slightly less poisonous than arsenic. This chemical does not help protect your cavities, and instead leads to numerous diseases and unwanted conditions like bone density degradation and even cancer. If you are scouting for the best toothpaste in the market, steer clear of ones which contain fluoride and sulfate.

But are there better viable alternatives? Heck, yes. Baking soda, tartar-control and gum-care toothpastes are examples of ‘safe and healthy’ toothpastes. For example, tartar-control toothpaste may not remove tartar, but it definitely prevents accumulation of more tartar in your gums. Growth of tartar can ultimately lead to Gingivitis. Gum-care toothpaste on the other hand does away with sodium fluoride, and instead contains stannous fluoride which is not a corrosive chemical and acts gently on your gums. Baking soda toothpaste is one of the best toothpaste types, and its ‘baking soda fragrance’ makes it much sought after. Critics say that it contains peroxide, but research shows that the peroxide levels are well within permissible limits.

However, homemade toothpastes can also claim the crown of the ‘best toothpaste’. Coconut oil, baking soda, peppermint oil and letvia, can be mixed in proportionate quantities, stored in a plastic container and refrigerated for 6 hours, and you will have your own homemade toothpaste. You can also try experimenting with vanilla, mint oil, lemon and cinnamon in the concoction to add flavor. Your toothpaste may not foam-up like the ones containing sulfates, but they sure would ensure you healthier teeth and gums. If you ask me to pick the best toothpaste of the lot, my answer would be, toothpaste made of natural substances, and devoid of sulfates and fluorides.