Tea Tree Oil Uses

These days you will find an increasing number of cosmetics and other daily use products containing natural ingredients such as tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is basically the substance which is obtained by distillation of the leaves of tea tree. It is a concentrated natural which is safe for you, no matter what your skin type is. But it is the versatility of tea tree oil which makes it really popular. So, what are the different tea tree oil uses? Reading further will reveal the answer.

Tea tree extracts have been used for centuries by people of Australia and you may surprised to know that they can benefit you is a variety of ways.

Tea tree oils are used in shampoos and other hair care products because they help:

  1. In unblocking the hair follicles, moisturizing the hair and keeping your scalp free from bacteria and fungal problems.
  2. Remove dead skin cells from your scalp (which is actually dandruff) and unblock sebaceous glands. A 2% concentration of tea tree oils in a moisturizing shampoo should be enough to achieve this.
  3. In treating your scalp when used in tandem with other essential oils. If you are suffering from acute dandruff problems, this may benefit you a lot.

But these tea tree oil uses can yield effective results only when your hair care products do not contain chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. SLS has not only several harmful side effects of its own, but it can also negate the benefits you could get from tea tree oil. There are lots of shampoos which contain SLS in addition to tea tree oils. It is best to avoid them and buy only those products which contain nothing other than natural ingredients.

Tea tree oil uses are not limited to just hair care! You can even use this amazing herbal extract for treating dry skin and infections. Soaking a tea tree oil hot tub can relax your tired muscles and rejuvenate your mind and body. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the skin cream or lotion you use and get better skin within days of using this mixture! If shaving leaves you with rough skin that itches, you may apply tea tree oil after shaving and make your skin soft and supple.

These are just some of the various tea tree oil uses. Once you start using this versatile herbal extract you will understand why people are trying to move away from products which contain harmful chemicals such as SLS and embracing the natural goodness of tea tree oils.