Tea Tree Shampoo

There are some cosmetic products which you use frequently and so, need to be very sure about their quality. Your shampoo, for example, is one such product of regular use which should contain only the best ingredients available. If you are not careful about that, then you may be inadvertently damaging your hair and running your appearance. Because you value your hair a lot, you should try to make sure that the shampoo you use, does not contain harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate. Tea tree shampoo can thus be a better alternative for you.

Most conventional shampoos available these days happily list sodium lauryl sulfate among its ingredients but they also conveniently forget to inform you of its harmful effects. Do you know, that by using shampoos containing harsh detergents such as SLS, you are exposing yourself to the risk of skin irritation and future problems such as eczema and even cancer? It is not your fault if you are not aware of this, because most of us tend to believe that what celebrities are endorsing and multinationals are selling, must be safe.

Sadly your blind faith may be what allows the makers of these products to hoodwink you into using things which are best avoided. But what of tea tree shampoo? Well, tea tree shampoo may also contain harmful chemicals such as SLS, as additives. In that case it’s no use buying those shampoos, because they are no better than other conventional shampoo brands.

But what you should try to buy, is a shampoo which does not contain any ingredient other than tea tree extracts and natural substances. Such a shampoo should enrich your scalp and hair follicles with vitamins A, B, C and E. Moreover, tea tree shampoo can fight and remove dandruff better than most chemical-laden shampoos in the market which promise to get rid of dandruff in a jiffy.

Tea tree extracts have a natural anti-fungal effect which helps to eliminate yeasts and fungi that can cause dandruff in your hair. However, this effect is mild and does not harm your scalp in the process.

You will also find a mild yet pleasant aroma in tea tree hair care products, which is quite the opposite of toxic artificial fragrances used in chemical shampoos. Generally ingredients such as lavender oils impart this fragrance.

Tea tree shampoo can give you vibrant and visibly healthy hair minus the harmful effects of chemical ingredients such as SLS. Aren’t these benefits reason enough to start using this shampoo right away?